Webcam Modeling Ninja Guide

My main focus is on stripping; it’s what I practice and what I thrive on more than anything else. But another line of work that I’ve come to love, mostly because it relies on so many of the same skills and can bring in just as much money, is webcam modeling. I like to think of it as “online stripping”, since it really is so similar. All you need to do is sign up with a cam site, which is a website where interested guys can go to see cam girls, and you can broadcast whenever you want from your own personal webcam.

Tips you’ll find here:
1 – How to get started as a webcam model quickly.
2 – How to make over $10,000 per month in webcam modeling.
3 – Proven ways to get “regulars” and promote yourself.
4 – Exactly which cam site to use to make the big bucks.

It’s easy once you get a few simple rules down, I’m always amazed at how much my stripper experience makes me better at it, and best of all, the money I make at it is EVERY BIT as good. This really is the best-kept secret of stripping: If you make a good exotic dancer, you’ll be an awesome cam girl, and you’ll enjoy yourself doing it. So I want to talk about being a webcam model today, how it works, and what exactly you have to do to make amazing money at it.


Basic Webcam Model Stuff

Let’s start by covering the stuff you’ll need, which is pretty straightforward and really boils down to three basic things: A computer, an internet connection, and of course, a webcam. That’s pretty much it, and none of it has to be particularly outstanding. I mean, your computer really only has to be good enough to surf the web and run a cam, so almost any machine can cut it.

Webcam modeling guide.

Your internet connection will be best-suited to webcamming if it’s broadband or cable, but even that isn’t necessary; a DSL line may not be quite as good, but it’ll get the job done.

And while, of course, it would be awesome to have a kidney-sellingly expensive webcam with crystal-clear resolution, any beginner is just fine using the crappy camera built into her laptop. People are looking more at what you’re doing than at how clearly you’re doing it, and you can always upgrade later on. Trust me, with the money you’ll be making, you’ll be able to afford it easily.

Next is choosing which cam site to broadcast on. There are a LOT of them out there and picking one can feel a bit overwhelming, but I’ve been a webcam model for years now, and I can tell you honestly that there’s just one choice: Chaturbate. Maybe there was some contest as recently as a few years ago, but it’s over now. Chaturbate is by FAR the biggest cam site on the web, its status makes it the place where guys with money who are into camming like to go, and it’s pretty friendly to newbies.

Click Here To Create Your Chaturbate Webcam Model Account

If you go anywhere else, it’s just gonna take you MUCH longer to get established, and you probably won’t be making as much even once you are. Do yourself a favor right out of the gate, and sign up with Chaturbate (I swear I wasn’t trying to make that rhyme!).

It can take a few days to get approved to broadcast, but as long as you’re 18 or over and can prove it, they’ll take you. That’s one thing about being a webcam model that’s way easier than stripping: getting into a good club is HARD. Use the time you’re waiting for them to give you the green light, to learn the rules of the site so you don’t get in trouble once you start performing. It’s mostly pretty simple, though; as long as you don’t try doing anything illegal, you should be fine.

You’ll be given a public “channel” on the site, which is basically a chat room with your live video feed. Guys can see you listed on the main page, and those who want to can click to check out what you’re doing. It’s totally free for them to go into your channel and watch your feed, but don’t freak out about that and start thinking you won’t make anything. It’s actually just one of the many ways that webcam modeling is like stripping: you work for tips.

Cam girls make tokens at cam sites.

Viewers on the site have the option to pay real money to buy “tokens”, which they can then use to tip you at will. At the end of each month, Chaturbate deposits money into your bank account equal to the value of the tokens you’ve earned, at a rate of $5 per 100 tokens. Viewers can also pay tokens to have a private show with you, where you live stream directly to them, and only to them.

On Chaturbate, a webcam model makes money by being tipped, taken into a private show, or selling tickets to a group show (where multiple members get to watch). “Tokens” are the currency of the site.

Obviously, this is a LOT more expensive for them, and they’re free to tip you more DURING the private show, so it can get to be a pretty nice payday. (It can also be a great way to grow closer with the member, and potentially turn him into a “regular”, which I discuss more below.)

To actually get tokens rolling in, you’ll need to get people into your channel. I won’t lie, honey: the first few days are going to be tough, and you need to be prepared for that. You’re just starting out, nobody knows you, and you have no fan base. You have to build those things up over time. On a webcam modeling site the size of Chaturbate, though, that won’t take nearly as long as it could elsewhere. If you know what to do, you should be humming along within the first month — but you gotta stay with it.


Getting Viewers and REGULARS

Like I said, your first priority in your earliest days is getting people in the door. That means setting the right mood, like by using upbeat, undistracting music instead of a dead silent background. Gonna say this right now, it also means nudity. I’m NOT talking about head to toe birthday suit nudity, which could actually get boring by itself. But frequent boob flashes out of a sexy, revealing top will do you wonders.

Of course, work with your body; I only mention breasts because that’s my best feature. Skimpy panties over an awesome ass are great, too. The point is to make your channel interesting and exciting, so guys who peek in just to check out what’s going on want to stay. If everybody just files in and out within a few seconds, you’re in trouble. But if even a handful, let’s say 2 or 3 out of every 10, stick around, pretty soon you’ve built up a nice audience.

Put your best assets on display. If you’ve got great boobs, train the webcam on them. Booty, legs, feet, also work. If you’ve got a super sexy body part, show it off!

Now, here’s where it gets a bit tricky. Just like stripping, camming is about more than just getting naked, or even explicit sex shows. Your viewers can get totally free porn whenever they want it; when they’re watching you on Chaturbate, it’s literally a few keystrokes away at all times. The reason they’re going to stick with you is because they LIKE you, and you’re not on Pornhub. Or, even if you are (which isn’t a bad way to build a fan base, by the by), you’re on Chaturbate LIVE, and they can interact with you there.

Check out this Webcam Modeling FAQ for more information on how camming works.

So make yourself someone they want to interact with! Don’t just sit there with a dead, empty stare in your eyes for hours. Smile, groove to your music, and TALK. Whatever comes to mind about yourself, just spit it out (within reason, obviously). Anything sexual will entice and arouse them, while personal details will help make them see you and bond with you as a real person. Here I’m talking about totally mundane stuff: your favorite TV show, the last movie you saw, or any hobbies you may have.

Talking about stuff like movies, TV shows, comic books, or anything else you’re into can really make a big difference. People will start talking, and you’ll build bonds with them that will eventually turn into BIG TIPS.

The ultimate goal in getting viewers to like you isn’t just making them say, “She’s pretty nice, I’ll drop her a few tokens before I move on.” In fact, if that’s ALL you accomplish, you’ve failed; or at least left a lot of money on the table. No, what we want is for guys to like you so much, they come back to see you regularly.

Remember that word, “Regular”, because just like for strippers, a webcam model’s bread and butter is in the customers who keep coming back to see her. The more your regulars see you, the more they’ll like you and even start to care about you as a friend. And that leads to bigger tips and more private shows.


Consistent Camming Is Key

Which brings us to following a schedule, one of the most important parts of starting out as a webcam model. This WILL make or break you, honey, so don’t mess with it. You NEED to set a firm camming schedule, and then you need to STICK to it. If you were online at 4 PM on Monday and got a lovely tip from a nice guy called lovesfeet426 who wouldn’t stop complimenting you on how hot you are, well then, your pretty little bee-hind better be right back there at 4 PM on Tuesday.

Why? Because that’s the time when lovesfeet saw you, and it’s when he’s going to come back looking for you again. If he finds you, those warm feelings that made him tip you so well are going to get warmer and stronger; if he DOESN’T see you on Tuesday, he’ll probably just forget about you completely. I usually tell new girls that they should try to work 7 days a week at first, even if it’s just for a few hours, because catching those return customers is SO important in webcam modeling.

Going on at the same time every day makes it easy for regulars to find you again, and those are the guys who tip the most, so you definitely want them to find you again!

You’ll have way more flexibility later on when you’re established and have a posse of regulars following you, but for now, you keep to that schedule like you found it chiseled by lightning into a stone tablet on top of a mountain. Posting it in your profile isn’t a bad idea, either, just to make it as easy as possible to track you down.

I should mention that the first few times you perform on webcam, you may be surprised at how nervous and shy you feel, even if you aren’t normally like that. It’s totally normal; I’ve actually seen seasoned strippers, with years of experience dancing naked on stage, freak out over a teeny little webcam. I think it’s something about not being able to see all the people who can see you.

Anyway, if this happens to you, don’t worry about it. It’ll pass. In the meantime, leaning on a few glasses of wine doesn’t hurt, and it REALLY helps loosen you up (believe me…just believe me).


Cam Models Can Use Snapchat for Promo

You don’t need to be restricted to sitting in your channel waiting for people to wander in, though. You can actually get out there and bring traffic to you, and one very good way to do that is through Snapchat. I always recommend creating a public account there, where you showcase yourself on a purely human level while frequently mentioning that you work as a webcam model on Chaturbate (or wherever you cam).

1 – Create a free “public” Snapchat account. No nudity.
2 – Promote your public Snapchat on Chaturbate.
3 – Create a “premium” Snapchat account with explicit content.
4 – Promote it on Chaturbate and on your public account.

You can talk up your shows here and there, and even post some sexy pictures of yourself (no nudity, though), but what you really want to do is build a following using Snapchat’s massive platform. Some of the people who like you and are intrigued that you’re a camgirl will want to come check out your show, and they’ll do it while already having a fondness for you built up from all your snaps. Hello, regulars!

A lot of girls will also run a “premium” Snapchat account along with their basic public one. Those who want to see your premium content have to pay, usually in the form of a monthly subscription fee. In return, they get access to all the content you put on that account, which is going to be your nude and even hardcore stuff.

Snapchat really helps you build a devoted fan following, which is essential if you want the big bucks.

All of that is totally against Snapchat’s ToS, of course, so the premium account WILL get banned eventually. When that happens, though, you just start another one right up and carry your subscribers over. There are sites out there that streamline the process of rebooting after a ban; it’s really common for cam girls to do this. Most webcam models like using Fancentro to manage their premium Snapchat accounts. They charge the fan’s credit card and notify you when a new customer signs up.

Using Snapchat to “warmup” fans is the best and easiest way to become a $10,000 per month webcam model, make no mistake about it. This is probably one of the best kept secrets in the industry, to be honest, and I don’t even know why I’m giving it away here for free, but there you have it.


You Must Be PATIENT!!

The last thing I want to talk about is also the most important (which is why I saved it for last), and it’s PATIENCE. I mentioned earlier that the money doesn’t start flowing overnight in webcam modeling, and this is a truth that you REALLY need to take to heart. Not because it’s going to take so long for you to start seeing cash; things actually get pretty sweet pretty soon for most girls.

Webcam model on her computer.

But I don’t know what it is about this particular business that makes people think they’re supposed to get rich on their first day, then pitch a fit when it doesn’t happen and totally swear off camming as some kind of phony industry. Listen, honey, I’ve been doing this for years now. I know what works, and I know HOW it works. If you follow my advice, the streets of Camtopia are paved with gold.

It’s TOTALLY NORMAL to not make much during your first several sessions. Members need to find you, then get to know you before they start tipping.

But like I told you, when you first get started, no one knows you and you’ve got no regulars. On a good cam site like Chaturbate, those things won’t take long at all, but you will totally miss the boat if you get discouraged and quit right away.

So here’s your timetable: your first few days, probably, are going to suck. Maybe you’ll get lucky and hit it big right away, but in my experience, you’ll struggle to see ANY money from camming in that time. If you do, it most likely won’t break $100.

By the end of your first week, though, you probably WILL see more than that. After the second week, you’ll be surprised at how fast things are picking up. By the time your first month is over, if you’re doing everything right, you should have a stable income on your hands that goes nowhere but up.

Week 1: Sucks balls.
Week 2: Sucks substantially less balls.
Week 3: Doesn’t suck much balls.
Week 4: No suckage of balls detected.
Week 5: Gets pretty darn awesome.

This is personal for me, because I have a good friend who gave up on camming too early. She’s gorgeous, and has a wonderful personality, but when she didn’t get tipped on literally her FIRST night, she called it quits. Today she’s a front desk phone receptionist making $10 an hour, and has a very tight budget. It breaks my heart every time she worries about money to me, because I know she could be saving for retirement right now if she had just stuck with camming.

Please don’t do that to yourself. Sign up with Chaturbate; it’s the best. Over time, you will almost have to TRY to dodge the site’s huge traffic and avoid getting a steady stream of tips. Do what I’ve been telling you, from years of experience, and the sky’s the limit. Just don’t give up!

Signup as a Webcam Model With Chaturbate Here!