How To Become a Stripper

I am a stripper. I say that proudly, without any shame or fear of judgment. I’m NOT ashamed, and I don’t care how anyone judges me. I am not a single mother who can’t feed her baby any other way. I am not a drug addict or alcoholic. I’m not stupid or uneducated. Most of the stereotypes you may have in your head about strippers, don’t apply to me, and most aren’t as common in my experience as you might believe.

Tips you’ll find here:
1 – How to navigate a strip club.
2 – How to make serious money as a stripper.
3 – How to make huge money “stripping” at home!

I like being an exotic dancer, and if you’re here because you’re curious about how to become a stripper, then I want YOU to be a stripper too.

If you’re like most people, you probably know where to begin as far as making that happen, but not much else. Once you’ve walked into the strip club and asked for a job, what EXACTLY do you do next, and why? Those questions have some pretty big answers, and I’m gonna go into them today, telling you all that you need to know about becoming a stripper and making serious money at it.

I’ve been doing this for about ten years, which is an eternity in stripper time, so I know what I’m talking about. I can tell you where the mines are buried, and I can give you the secret weapons that really do make stripping as lucrative as Hollywood wants you to believe it is for everybody.

How Stripping Works

It probably won’t come as a great surprise to hear that as a stripper, you’ll be working for tips. What most likely WILL surprise you is that, odds are, your strip club is going to be taking you on as an “independent contractor” rather than an employee. The legal differences between those two things are long and boring and I’m not gonna get into them here, but in a nutshell, what it all means is that you don’t actually work “for” the club, but for yourself.

How to become a stripper.

As such, aside from operating within the rules of the club, you mostly get to do your job the way YOU want to do it, and earn money directly from your customers. The club doesn’t pay you an hourly wage; in fact, usually you have to pay THEM a house fee for the privilege of using their facilities, and they are entitled to a percentage of certain profits you make.

Visits to the VIP room would be a prime example of that, though as a rule, the law is quite clear that they are NOT allowed to grab any of your money. There are times when some of it can be a pain in the ass, but overall, be very, very glad you’re an independent contractor. Because above all, the most important thing it means is that the club’s responsibility to you is small enough as to make them willing to let you work as much or as little as you want (they’re not paying you, so what do they care, right?).

This means you can always earn extra money when you need to, and it makes it a lot easier to work the best shifts for the most tips.

Tipping Out at Clubs

And don’t let that “working for tips” thing scare you. Being a stripper means that you are actually one of the most highly-paid workers in the club, and it’s probably only the other strippers who can hope to out-earn you. Actually, you’ll make so MUCH money compared to everyone else, that you’ll be expected to share it through the custom of “tipping out”.

It’s something that many tipped workers, especially restaurant waiters, do: You get tipped to do your job, but your job is only possible because of the jobs that certain other people do, so it’s only fair to share some of your tips with those people.

I won’t lie, I don’t love this practice, and I think strip clubs make MORE than enough money to just pay their actual employees more than the minimum wage that many of them are making per hour. But tipping out is how the industry works. Understanding it is an important part of learning how to be a stripper, and once you know how to navigate it, it can carry a LOT of awesome benefits that more than end up paying for what you have to share.

Almost everyone in a strip club gets tipped out by the girls sooner or later. I’m talking the cashier who collects cover fees, the DJ, the VIP room hosts, all the way up to and including the manager of the club himself. If you want to know how to become a stripper, you need to know how to tip out; it’s that simple.

The golden rule that smart strippers follow here is to set aside 20%, no more, of your NET earnings each night for tip-outs. I wanna be as clear as a freshly polished stripper pole that this is NET, not GROSS. So FIRST you subtract your house fee, the gas you used to drive to work, and any other expenses you had to put out just to be there. 20% of whatever is LEFT is what gets tipped out.

Tipping out at a strip club as a new dancer.

The exception to this is when you’re first starting out at a new club; in that case, even if you have a terrible night, just pretend it was average and tip out 20% based on that number. Your first few weeks at a club are your most crucial time for making friends with the employees, and if they get to know you as a tightwad during that period, you’re fucked.

Meanwhile, if you’re generous with them during that time (even if it hurts), they will love you and appreciate you, and they’ll be more understanding of a smaller tip-out when you have a bad run in the future. Just don’t EVER overdo stingy tip-outs, even when you don’t earn that much. Keeping the good favor of the employees is VERY important, even if it means you go home losing money once in a blue moon.

Trust me, the good days will make up for it. Finally, DO NOT go above a 20% tip-out in the hopes of impressing people! You’re just going to get them used to that kind of generosity, which you can’t keep up long term and which you won’t be able to stop later without pissing them off!

And if you’re thinking “fuck all that, I don’t need to give my money away!” right now, sorry babe, that’s not gonna work. It’s true that you technically don’t HAVE to do this, and actually it’s extremely illegal for any club to FORCE you to, but tipping out is the grease that keeps this machine running and stripping. It’s How to Become a Stripper 101.

Making sure the other strip club workers are on your side is essential to making more money down the road.

The bottom line, like it or not, is that if you don’t take care of the club employees, they won’t take care of you. And that is important ALL the way down the line.

It’s easy to see how it helps you to be friends with the manager, who controls which shifts you get and can arrange to cover you if you need to be taken off one specific dance rotation, or the hosts who point out and call over particular girls to guests looking for a lap dance. But you need everyone else on your side, too.

That lowly cashier can suddenly decide she “ran out” of $1 bills when you have to make change for a customer, and the DJ can always say “fuck you” when you request the style of music that helps you perform at your best and establishes the kind of fantasy girl you try to sell yourself as. And do you even want to know what can happen when the club bouncers, who are responsible for your safety, don’t like you?

Honestly, though, don’t let this custom bother you. I don’t. Because when you DO tip out properly, all that shit up there gets turned all the way around, and suddenly it’s like the whole club is teamed up behind you. There’s nothing like knowing that every one of those employees has your back when you need them.

Yeah, I’d rather the tipping system not work like this, but in the end, tips are the reason you will be making MAD money being a stripper, and there are serious upsides to sharing a little bit of that.

How To Dance at A Strip Club Correctly

We all good on the tipping out thing? Awesome, then let’s get to the nuts and bolts of how to become a successful stripper. Obviously, you’re going to need to know how to dance. But you don’t have to be any kind of expert at it, and you probably won’t even need classes. A few YouTube videos and maybe some practice twirling on a stripper pole from a sex shop should more than do it.

You want to dress sexy, but wear enough to make a show of taking off. And please, try to keep the outfits relatively simple! Losing your momentum onstage because you’re always taking time to fumble with the million clasps and latches on each piece of clothing you have on is no fun, and makes you look clumsy.

Costumes at the strip club.

It’s also a good idea to dress according to the fantasy you want to portray: Sexy Schoolgirl, Overdressed Conservative, Wild Exhibitionist, etc etc etc. Be creative, and then be prepared to play that role later when you’re mingling with the guests IF they want you to (more on that in a bit).

Put your damn phone away! I’ve seen girls literally do nothing but WALK around naked on the stage while reading texts and checking their Instagram or Twitter, and I always cringe and have to turn away (even though I did this probably more than anyone, so I’m a massive hypocrite LOL). Yeah, they’re gonna make LOTS of tips.

Focus, focus, focus when you’re at the club! Remember, you need to come off as a sexual dynamo, not a distracted “worker”.

Oh, and always remember your pole hygiene, please. There’s usually going to be a bottle of hand sanitizer on the stage, and you’ll often see girls squirting some of it onto a paper towel and wiping the pole down before beginning their own performance.

That’s because not only have other strippers been rubbing their naked bodies all over it, there’s a better than even chance that some of them have put it right square between their pussy lips and slid their vaginas up and down along its smooth surface lubed only by their own fluids. Be mindful of where that pole has been. Personally, I like to give it a wipe after my OWN show for the next girl, and the others usually appreciate that.

How To Mingle With Club Customers

After you dance, it’s time to mingle with guests on the floor. This is the most important part of perfecting how to be a good stripper, because it’s where the real money gets made. What you want to remember is that you’re there to sell a fantasy, and that fantasy is DESIRE. I’ve been doing this for awhile, and I know that no drug gives men a greater high than simply feeling like they’re sitting with a woman who’s into them.

It’s so powerful, they will literally pay you for it, so let them have it. Check ALL the boxes that make their subconscious go, “dude, this chick wants you!”. Smile at them. Maintain eye contact. Laugh at their jokes. Touch their hand, their arm, their face. It’ll drive them wild.

Turn on the charm with customers. If they like you, they’ll tip you or buy lap dances.

Next, keep a conversation going. This part of becoming a stripper depends on the guy you’re with. Be friendly, of course, but then gauge what HE wants and go there. Sometimes the guest wants you to “be real”, so he feels like he’s making a human connection with you. It’s up to you how far you want to go with that, so either tell him about your real life or make up convincing stories.

Other times, he’ll want to dive completely into the fantasy, including the character you portray onstage (remember the Sexy Schoolgirl stuff?). These are the times when you need to be a bit of an actress, though really, if you’ve ever done sexy roleplay with a boyfriend, you’ll be fine.

Stripping at Home For Big Bucks

So, I’ve told you a lot about becoming a stripper, and how to BE a stripper. But before I sign off, I want to tell you about something else I’ve been doing more recently, which has been making me some really good money while requiring basically just the same skills as stripping. It’s camming, which is signing up with a webcam site (I use Chaturbate) and performing on my webcam.

Check out my Webcam Modeling Ninja Guide here!

Don’t get me wrong, I love stripping and I plan to do it for as long as I can, but I do wish I’d found out about camming sooner.

Camming, I have to say, is a lot less stressful than stripping. At the club, everything has to be perfect. Not only do I have to look good, but I have to go through lots of gum keeping my breath minty fresh, and I have to go backstage to reapply perfume pretty regularly. I also have to deal with my customers IN PERSON. Now, sometimes that’s not so bad, but other times, dealing nonstop with drunk, horny men can be pretty damn exhausting.

What I like about camming is that it doesn’t have any of that. I still have to look good, obviously, but other than that I can do it straight out of bed if I want, and there are features on Chaturbate that let me mute or ban obnoxious viewers.

Signup at Chaturbate for a Model Account Here

The money is pretty awesome, too. I shit you not, there are these rich guys on cam sites like Chaturbate that like to go around tipping the camgirls hundreds or THOUSANDS of dollars at a time. We call them “whales”, and if you cultivate friendships with them, you can really make a killing.

I also like that I can just cam during the day (which is a horrible time for stripping, usually), then go into the club at night. Basically, I’ve found it’s a waste to do one without the other at this point. The jobs work well together.

Just one piece of advice, in case you decide to give Chaturbate a try: There are these things out there called “webcam studios” that promise to help out new camgirls in exchange for part of their earnings. Don’t trust them. You’re already going to be sharing a percentage with Chaturbate (or wherever you cam), and you don’t need the studios. Camming well actually isn’t that hard. Trust me, you’ll be fine without those damn bloodsuckers.

Three Main Tips For Making Great Money on Chaturbate:

  • 1) Don’t expect to make a lot your first few sessions. Members need time to find you and get to know you before they start tipping big. Usually, members will want to have seen you on cam a few different times before they get comfortable enough to tip large amounts. Trust me…if you’re patient, you’re going to do VERY WELL!
  • 2) Try to go on cam every day for at least the first two weeks, and try to go at around the same time every day. This will help you develop “regulars,” which are basically superfans. These guys will tip you well and take you into “private shows” regularly, which is great because that’s where you can make the big bucks. But you won’t get any regulars unless you’re there at the same time every day, so these guys will know when to find you. Then, they’ll have the opportunity to get to know you, and THEN they start spending!
  • 3) Use one-on-one flirting via “private messages” to bond with members, especially the ones who have tokens in their accounts. You’ll know who those are by the color of their user names (blue and purple usernames mean the member has tokens – the black/gray username members have no tokens at all). When you see that you’ve got a member with tokens in your room, flirt a bit in public chat, then private message the member for further bonding.

So that’s about it. Following these simple tips, you should be able to make great money as a stripper, and you can definitely make big bank as a webcam model. Get out there and shake that booty!

Signup as a Webcam Model with Chaturbate Here!