Reasons To Be a Cam Girl

I’ve been a stripper for about ten years now, and I really do love my job. There are times when it can be a serious pain in the tits, obviously, but in the end, I’m glad I got into it and I’m glad I’m still doing it, and I plan to keep it up for as long as it’s possible. With that said, though, I’ve been camming for only a few years, and I really, REALLY wish I’d started up with that sooner than I did.

What’s in this post??
1 – Top 3 reasons to get into webcam modeling.
2 – The best cam site to make the most money at.

It’s been a huge benefit to me in a lot of ways, and if I had only been doing it for as long as I’ve been stripping, well, let’s just say my life would look a lot different right now. Let me tell you how I got into camming, and share some of my favorite reasons to become a cam girl.

Something I learned pretty quickly after getting into stripping is the fact that a LOT of exotic dancers also work as webcam models. I knew about this, but didn’t really think much of it for years. Anything computer-related seemed nerdy and intimidating to me; it felt like I wouldn’t be able to handle the “technical” stuff, and like it wouldn’t be worth my time even if I could.

Looking back, it was a pretty stupid mindset to have. It changed one night when I was drinking with a good stripper friend of mine, who was also into camming, and she really got into the details of what being a cam girl was like.

Top Reasons To Become a Cam Girl

I remember thinking how simple the process of getting started (as she described it, which turned out to be pretty accurate) sounded, and I realized that I had never needed to worry about being overwhelmed by it. She managed to talk me into giving it a try, and amazingly, I decided to follow through even after I sobered up.

I am REALLY glad I did, though I admit I got discouraged early on, as I made very little money my first week. I’m not normally the kind of person who gives up easily at new things, but I definitely wanted to quit during that period and never turn my webcam on again. I’m very lucky that my friend remained supportive, and told me it was normal for earnings to be “slow and low” at first. I stuck with it, and things got a LOT better.

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Today, I can’t even imagine NOT having webcam model work in my life. It’s just become such a huge part of my daily routine, that I legit wouldn’t know what to do with those hours if they weren’t being spent on Chaturbate. There are a lot of things I love about camming, but out of all of it, it’s pretty easy for me to name my three biggest reasons to be a cam girl.


3 Top Reasons To Become a Cam Model

1) It’s Fun

Come on, it’s basically stripping from your bedroom! Oh, except there’s the added bonus of being able to mute any rude and obnoxious people who show up. Wish I could do that in the club. Camming also lets me be more adventurous, since private shows (which are already awesome because they make me a lot of money) provide a place to explore fetishes with my regulars.

And of course, there’s always the chance that you’re going to run into a whale who will drop $1,000 on you like it’s nothing. THAT part makes it a lot like never knowing whether tomorrow might be Christmas, which is pretty exciting.

2) The Money

What other reasons to become a cam girl do you need?? No, seriously, camming is awesome, but it really helps when you’re making serious bank on top of enjoying yourself. Like I said, it’s definitely slow going in the beginning, but after your first two weeks to maybe a month, the money REALLY starts pouring in, and before you know it you’re already making a decent income doing this alone.

Me personally, I call it a bad week if my camming revenue doesn’t at least approach $1,000. The major success stories are even better, obviously: some of Chaturbate’s most popular webcam models are clearing $50K every MONTH, reliably. And remember what I said about surprise Christmas? Not only do whales randomly pop in to give you cash, but thanks to them, sometimes you’ll wake up to find high-ticket items from your Amazon wish list on their way to your door. Hell yeah!

3) It’s Safe

Alright, all kidding aside, and with it firmly understood that I have no intention of cutting stripping out of my life anytime soon, this may just be the single best reason to be a webcam model. I don’t think it’s gonna shock anyone to read that there’s a certain element of risk to working in a club. I remember one time, when I thought I had made a big score by talking a tipsy guy into taking me to the VIP room.

As most strippers know, it can be a serious double-edged sword going into that room with a drunk guest; they’re a lot more willing to open their wallet, which is good, but the alcohol also lowers their inhibitions BIG time and can make them aggressive. In this particular case, the guy I was with apparently believed that the VIP room fee was my payment for a blowjob. I don’t do that kind of thing in the VIP room or anywhere else, but plenty of strippers do, so it wasn’t a totally insane mistake for him to make.

Even so, he went way overboard just assuming, because I swear I never promised him that nor did anything to make him think I was open to it. Didn’t matter. Once he tried something and I turned him down, he completely lost it. He ranted about how much he had paid for the room and how I wasn’t worth it, and then he just started screaming “stupid bitch” at me over and over again.

Long story short, the bouncer heard him and acquainted him with the door, but I was pretty badly freaked. My hands were shaking like a leaf for the rest of the night. Yeah, nothing like THAT is gonna happen over webcam, I’ve got to admit.


All Strippers Should Be Cam Girls

My point in all of this is that if you’re a stripper, there are plenty of reasons to be a cam girl too. I think I really lucked out by starting on Chaturbate, because I’ve been on other cam sites, and while some are good, there really is no comparison. The huge traffic there makes it much easier for newbies to get established and do well.

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The site is really simple, too: you apply, you get accepted (everyone does, as long as they’re over 18), and you’re given your own public channel where people can come see you broadcast. The ones who like you can give you tips or ask to pay for a private, one-on-one show with you. All you really have to do is apply the same skills a stripper uses, like being friendly, flirtatious, and sexy, and you WILL build up a roster of regulars who will cause a good income to start flowing in probably within your first month.

It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s safe. And of course, it PAYS. I really can’t recommend camming enough. Again, signup with Chaturbate and give it a shot, you won’t regret it…just be patient and build that fan following!

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Being a Stripper at a Top Strip Club

I suppose aiming for the top is a good policy no matter what your line of work, but when it comes to being a stripper, it’s absolutely essential. I’m not saying you have to be the best of the best (though that never hurts), but there is a HUGE difference between becoming a stripper at a sleazy, closet-sized bar full of wandering bikers, and working at a high-end gentleman’s club that enjoys visits from successful rappers and football pros.

What’s in this post??
1 – Exactly what you need to dance in the top strip clubs.
2 – What you need to do INSIDE the club to keep your spot.

The difference, as you shouldn’t be surprised to hear, is money. So let’s talk about what it takes to land a spot in a good club, how to keep that spot, and how much cash you can expect to see while you’ve got it.

The first thing you need to understand about the really nice clubs is that for the girls there, they are INSANELY competitive. Being a stripper in one of these places means being a top stripper, it’s that simple. Obviously each club will have its own high-performers that even the rest of that club’s dancers will envy, but if you’re in a place where your realistic goal is to average $500-$1,000 a day and you’re just upset that your weekly take doesn’t break five figures, please have a moment to contemplate how far ahead of the game you are.

There are strung-out coke heads in the ghetto making next to nothing, literally begging each customer for a dollar after every dance, and they would sell their single-mother babies into slavery to trade places with you.

Part of being a stripper at a top club is looking like a million bucks. Take care to keep in shape, and make sure you don’t skimp on lady maintenance.

And that, by the way, is probably the most important thing about becoming a stripper at a high-end club: Quality. These places can afford to discriminate, and they only take the best girls. Being gorgeous is a must, of course, so naturally you’ll want to hit the gym and start stocking your kitchen with brown rice and vegetables for every meal (old reference from Showgirls; don’t worry, the real stripper diet isn’t quite THAT bad).

But it’s just as essential to have a clean, innocent look that isn’t spoiled by bloodshot eyes or track marks on your arms. You can drink socially with the guests, so long as you DO NOT get drunk, but the first time you show up to the club high, you’re out. While it’s your business what you do at home, these clubs don’t want addicts. Oh, and you’ll actually need to be able to DANCE in order to be an exotic dancer there. Shocking, I know.


What Top Strip Clubs Are Like

As you might imagine, once you succeed in getting onto a top club’s roster, the experience of working there is different from what you’ll get anywhere lower on the stripping food chain. For one thing, being a top stripper means you’re going to find yourself in the kind of place that usually relies on weird gimmicks to stand apart from the competition: Rooftop restaurants, guest karaoke nights, and doubling as a Texas steakhouse where customers eat off plates set on the same stage you’re dancing on.

Being a stripper at a top strip club.

All of it’s been done. Learn early what makes your venue “special”, and do everything you can to support the theme. For that matter, never forget that the club is taking real good care of you just by letting you dance there, so you better take care of the club. It can’t all be about you and your bottom line. You need to make sure you help bring in revenue for them (or they’ll boot you for a girl who will), and the best way to do that is through alcohol sales.

Top strip clubs often have themes, so get with that groove and do everything you can to support that image.

That means customers buying you drinks at the bar, and VIP room visits if you do that sort of thing. This is where having a good relationship with the bartender is absolutely key. You NEED to drink with the guests, and you CAN’T get drunk. Access to the watered-down, overpriced “stripper menu” is essential, so tip out that barhop!

These clubs go out of their way to give themselves a posh, upscale image that attracts well-off guests, and they usually aren’t very subtle about it. I know one place that subtitles its own club name with the slogan, “For those who can afford the finer things in life”. What this means is that just about everyone you meet on the floor is going to have plenty of money, which is good.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re willing to give a lot of it to you, which is bad. Being a stripper always means knowing how to pick your marks, and it’s truer than ever in the nicer clubs.

There are a few clues that will let you in on whether someone is in a spending mood. For one thing, most guys know that when you approach them, you are at some point going to try to get money out of them, so it’s a good idea to read their body language. Does your target immediately fold his arms and cross his legs when you start walking towards him? That’s classic “defensive” behavior; for whatever reason, he’s protecting himself, and his money.

On the other hand, if you sit down next to him or on his lap, and he immediately starts slipping $1 or $5 bills into your top, he’s obviously in a loose mood. Check for alcohol on his breath, too; tipsy men like to open their wallets. And speaking of drinking, one trick I like to use when I mingle with a guest is to remark that my last dance was exhausting, and “I could really use a drink.”

So, you either generate revenue for the club, which helps keep you in their good graces, or you learn something important about the guest. Win-win!


Being a Stripper On Webcam

For what it’s worth, you may also want to know about a much easier way I’ve found to make money, using basically all the same skills as a stripper needs but doing it from home. It’s working as a webcam model, which just means signing up with a camming site and broadcasting publicly using your own webcam. I’ve been doing it for a little while now, and while I wouldn’t give up stripping for the world, camming has given me a whole separate income stream that’s actually just as good as what I make in the clubs.

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If you want to give it a try, I recommend signing up with Chaturbate. There are a lot of good cam sites out there, but I’ve found Chaturbate to be the best. It has huge traffic, so you get access to a bigger audience, which translates to more tips each month. The money won’t start flowing in right away, and you may have a few days in the beginning when you make nothing or next to nothing, but if you stick it out, that reverses itself real quick (believe me, you’ll be shocked how much you make your second or third week).

Like I said, webcam money is just as good as stripper money, in the end.

How Much Money Do Strippers Make?

It’s by far the most common question I get asked: “How much do strippers make?” There’s a lot of curiosity about other parts of the job, for sure, and my hands-down favorite is when people ask me some version of “how can you DO that??”

What’s in this post??
1 – The honest TRUTH about stripper incomes.
2 – How exactly strippers make the big bucks.
3 – Secret weapon “strip from home” method.

It’s basically wondering about all the supposed horrible emotional consequences of dancing for a living, to which I say….get the fuck off your high horse. But the much more usual, and more reasonable question is about cold hard cash.

Plenty of answers get thrown around, but I’m gonna tell you how it really is, and honestly I think the truth will probably shock you after all the bullshit.

Of course, it’s no secret that strippers make money by seducing men, and towards the end of this post, I want to get into a more advanced way of doing that which can make you even more money than a good stripper can hope to see.

The Raw Truth About Stripping Money

The first thing you need to understand about how much money strippers make, which very few people DO understand, is that stripping is one of those weird, rare jobs where it’s entirely possible to lose money for putting in a full day’s work. The other example I can think of is waiting tables in restaurants, for the same reason I’m about to explain.

How much money do strippers make  at strip clubs?

First of all, as a stripper, you will usually have to pay a “house fee” to the club just for the privilege of dancing there, and that can be painful. What’s absolutely AGONIZING, though, is the God-forsaken “tipping out” phenomenon. Yep, we do that.

If you haven’t heard of this messed-up shit, tipping out is when you have to take a portion of your own money and give it to some of the other people who work where you do. Like I said, waiters do this all the time; they’re expected to share some of their tip money with the busboys, the food runners, and a few others. Strippers have it even worse.

I have to tip out the VIP hosts, the cashier, the DJ, the manager, the bouncers…fuck, I’m pretty sure the list of club employees I DON’T tip out at one time or another would be shorter. True, someone like the VIP host only gets tipped out when I actually take a customer into the VIP room, so I’m definitely making something there, but most of the others expect to see a little something no matter what.

If I have a very bad night and don’t make enough to cover them, it comes out of my own pocket. And don’t even THINK of stiffing these people. Technically it’s illegal for any club to force me to tip out, but everyone knows the rules. If I don’t take care of them, they won’t take care of me, and that’s the beginning of the end of my days at that club. So yeah, I can definitely end up in the negatives after any given shift.

Fortunately, most nights aren’t like that, and as it turns out, there’s a reason that the words “stripper money” are understood to mean either thick wads of $1 bills…or big pay. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not reliable; you never know WHAT you’re walking out of that club with. But when it goes well, it can be pretty sweet.

Overall, the biggest factor in how much money strippers make is when they work. Your pay is your tips and your tips come from your customers, so you want to be there when the most loaded and most generous customers show up.

Usually, that’s Friday and Saturday night. The club will be FULL of people then, and most of those will be packs of young guys out for a fun night on the town, not middle-aged tightwads stopping off for a quick beer after work. Then comes the hard part: For the stripper money to really start flowing, you have to know how to interact with the customers.

How Strippers Make The REAL Money

Now, I admit, I used to make one of the biggest possible rookie mistakes all the time when I was starting, and that’s thinking that stripping is just about taking your clothes off while you’re dancing. Shake the ladies and the moneymaker, and those tips will come pouring in all by themselves, am I right??

No, no, and no! This job is about TALKING to the guys who come to the club. You listen to them tell you about their lives, you tell them exaggerated and made-up stories about your own life, and you either find real common ground with them or simply pretend to be interested in something they’re interested in, and have conversations about that.

Strippers can make great money one night, then make peanuts the next. The best way to keep your income somewhat stable is to schmooze with customers and make them “regulars.”

And you do it ALL while smiling, giggling, gently touching their arms or face, and sending all the little signals that tell a man he’s with a woman who thinks he’s hot. This is how lap dances and VIP room visits are born, and without them, the only stripper money you’re going to be seeing is the first kind: $1 bills, crumpled up and thrown at you onstage, and that ain’t cutting it!

When you check all these boxes, though, the question of how much strippers make can become one you’re eager to answer. I’ve already said that a bad night can leave you at less than zero, in negative territory. But when you have a GOOD night, the sky’s the limit. I’ve personally pulled in nearly $2,000 after one busy Saturday night when I had the right customers, and I was TREATING them right. I know other girls who’ve done even better.

The Stripping at Home Trick

More recently, though, I’ve found an even BETTER way to monetize seducing men that totally changes the answer to “how much money do strippers make?” I still strip, because in the end, nothing beats the thrill of counting my tips after a great haul, but my new method is SO easy and fun that I can’t resist rolling it in.

Strippers can make money from home too.

I can also do it at just about any time I want, while working the day shift at a strip club will leave you broke before long. I’m talking about camming, and it’s AWESOME.

If you didn’t know, camming is just sitting on your ass at home and performing in front of your webcam. I’m not even kidding, that’s basically it. You sign up with a cam site online where men go to watch camgirls, and once you’ve got your model account, you can broadcast whenever and for as long as you want.

Like a stripper, you work for tips, and you share a percentage of that income with the site that’s hosting you (which is the ONLY money they take from you; there’s no “house fee” like strip clubs have).

Camming is all about going online day in, and day out. Broadcast at the same time of day, every day, so that fans will be able to consistently find you and tip you.

It takes a couple of weeks to get going, and I’ll admit I had some days right at the very beginning when I didn’t make anything. But once the money started rolling in, holy shit, was I glad I stuck with it! This camming stuff really is a secret weapon for strippers, since the skills needed to do well at it are basically the same: friendliness, seduction, sexy attitude. It’s amazing how just acting like a stripper makes you a good cam girl!

Of all the cam sites I’ve come across, I recommend Chaturbate for anyone looking to get started in the industry. It’s huge, so it has a LOT of traffic, which means plenty of potential tippers. It’s also easy to use, and pretty reasonable in how it treats its cam models. I give it pretty high marks.

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So, how much money do strippers make? In the end, it depends on whether they’re also working as cam girls!